Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oracle Application Cloning (Single to Multi Node)

Oracle Application Cloning (Single to Multi Node)

Node: Source

OS: OEL 5.5
DB Version: 11.1.0 - PROD
DBF: /d01/PROD/db/apps_st
Tech_st: /d01/PROD/db/tech_st
APPS Version: 12.1.0
Node: TargetDB

OS: OEL 5.5
DB Version: 11.1.0
Target DBF: /d01/TEST/db/apps_st
Target Tech_st: /d01/TEST/db/tech_st
Node: TargetAPPS

OS: OEL 5.5

Step 1: Login as Application Manager User (Applmgr) in Source

Step 2: Invoke Application Tier Contect File
            #cd /d01/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl
            #. .APPSPROD_source.env

Step 3: Login as database user (oracle) in SourceDB

Step 4: Invoke DB Tier Context File
            #cd /d01/PROD/db/tech_st/11.1.0
            #. .PROD_source.env

Step 5: In DB Tier Execute Pre Clone
            #perl $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/PROD_sourcedb/adpreclone.pl dbTier

Step 6: In AppsTier Execute Pre Clone
            #perl /d01/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_source/admin/script/adpreclone.pl appsTier

Step 7: Shutdown Applications Services
            #cd /d01/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_source/admin/script
            #./adstpall.sh apps/apps

Step 8:Copy Apps Tier apps Directory from Source to TargetApps
            #scp –pr /d01/PROD/apps applmgr@TargetApps:/d01/TEST

Step 9: Shutdown Database at Source Tier

Step 10: Copy DB Tier db directory Source to TargetDB
            #scp –pr /d01/PROD/db oracle@TargetDB:/d01/TEST
Step 11: Startup Database and Application Services at Database and Application Tier

Step 12: Configure Target Database Tier
            #cd /d01/TEST/db/tech_st/11.1.0/appsutil/clone/bin
            #perl adcfgclone.pl dbTier

Step 13: Attend the prompts and specify target database server details

Step 14: Configure Target Applications Tier
             #cd $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin
            #perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier

Step 15: Attend the prompts and specify applications server details and fill in Target Database server details

Step 16: Start database services and listener services at TargetDB tier

Step 17: Start all application services

Step 18: Change Site Level Profile Options such as Site Name etc. Change apps and sysadmin password